Halgolla Plantation Home

Guest Reviews

Alain Charron& Pierre-Yves Bonnot

From: Saint Mard De Reno, France
Dates: 27th to 29th January 2018
Comments: : We don’t know whether paradise exists …..but we’ve discovered a wonderfull and peacefull place on this earth!! Please don’t change anything! No huge hotel, no swimming pool in your wild beautiful garden! Thanks a lot for the Sri Lankan meals. They were the best as we‘ve eaten in Sri Lanka in six weeks!!! It was a real pleasure to stay at your family home with you. It should be a delicate, charming moment that we’ll keep in our hearts. Thank you again for your kindness. Regards, Pierre-Yves and Alain

Rachel Yas & Michael Borter

From: Los Angeles. CA.
Dates: 5th To 9th January 2018
Comments: Cher Arlene et Emil, where do we begin! This experience has been lifechanging – one never to be forgotten. We feel so lucky to have had both of you to ourselves, able to learn the flora and fauna, explore the Soaking Pool, rock hunting etc. We love you both so much! I did not realize there truly was sanctuary on earth – Halgolla House is it – Arlene & Emil we will be back (maybe Rachel sooner than you think!)
Food *****
Service ****
Accommodation ****
Company ******
Here’s Mike: Wonderful experience, we wanted to see Sri Lanka and as it turned out we didn’t need to leave the plantation. Thanks for the tremendous hospitality.

Karen Chua, Joe, Maija, Bella and Matteo Fiorante

From: Vancouver. Canada
Dates: 7th To 10th August 2014
Comments: Dear Arlene & Emil,
Words cannot express how touched we are by your hospitality and kindness. We have had 3 beautiful restful days in your home enjoying the most delicious meals – the best we have had in our travels in Sri Lanka. We arrived as strangers and are leaving as friends. We will be back – Until then, we will keep in touch.

Renate & Gabrielle Mittruecker

From: Germany
Dates: 7th to 12th February 2017
Comments: 5 stars for EMIL & ARLENE/Halgolla
* for interesting, entertaining, attentive and caring hosts with a rich treasure of stories and wide spreaded knowledge
* for informative walks with Emil through the plantation on well kept and marked paths
* for a wonderful house, very well maintained in its plantage grower tradition, perfectly situated with breathtaking view.
* for the delicious food – unbeatable varieties of Sri Lankan specialties (Thank you, Mallika!!) and well tasting spring water
* for informative walks with Emil through the plantation on well kept and marked paths
* for the nice staff who allowed us to be part of the nutmeg-harvest-team.
We’ll keep a warm souvenir of our stay in Halgolla in our mind, thank you and esthuthi Arlene & Emil
Renate and Gabi

Theresa Wong & Matthew Schalcher

From: Singapore
Dates: 9th To 12th Feb. 2016
Comments: Dear Emil – this has been my dream getaway: a cozy homestay, a compressed education in Sri Lankan politics, culture, and food, and botany. Chatting about books, art and all in between; the wonderful staff, watching Padma work her magic, meditative hikes. The unforgettable meals. I couldn’t ask for more. Wishing you and Arlene lots of health and happiness for the (Lunar) New Year – Theresa Dear Emil, thank you for an unforgettable homestay – one I will most certainly treasure. Have enjoyed waking up in such serene and beautiful environs and enjoying your fantastic conversation and delicious food. Wishing yourself, Arlene and Family all the best in 2016 – Matt.

Ashlea Halpern & Andrew Parks

From: NY. USA
Dates: 2nd To 5th April 2015
Comments: Dear Arlene & Emil – We have had the most wonderful three days here, “40 or 50 minutes” outside Kandy town. Thank you for inviting us into your home, for treating us like family, for preparing meal after delicious meal, for tell us so much about Sri Lankan culture and politics, for taking us on a hike around the property and for gifting us with the most beautiful souvenirs. We’ve been on the road 4½ months now and this has truly, truly been a highlight we shall never forget. We will miss you and your staff and will patiently await our invitation to the Xmas party.

Kristin Bahri & Lars Hugo

From: Stockholm. Sweden
Dates: 1st To 4th Jan. 2015
Comments:The warmth and generosity of Arlene, Emil, Mallika and the rest of the staff, good talks on various interesting topics, entertaining and instructive walks in Emil’s company, the beautiful and cosy house and absolutely fabulous meals have given us memories for life. We have traveled quite a lot in several countries but have never experienced such a unique and personal guest house.

Claire Louvard, Caroline Marie & David Volpi

From: Paris. France
Dates: 24th To 26th August 2014
Comments: Leave this place is definitely like leave heaven! We feel just like at home, in family with Arlene & Emil. We have memories for life like the walk in this wonderful plantation or diners with everybody in a warm full atmosphere, learning the history of the house, the place, Arlene and Emil… It’s one of the first time in Sri Lanka that we’re really sad to leave! Thanks for everything, we will miss you. Caroline, Claire and David.

Renee Archer & Nicole McDougall

From: Victoria, Australia
Dates: Aug. 30th To Sep. 1st
Comments: Many, many thanks to Arlene & Emil for their entertaining hospitality and care for us. We had a relaxing 2 nights and loved the various conversations of personal and country history – comparing politicians! Sitting on the porch with that phenomenal view was wonderful. And thank you for the delicious food – best we’ve had in Sri Lanka. We wish you best of luck and lots of health and happiness for the future Warm thanks, Nicole and Renee

Neil & Anne Murray

From: Surrey. U.K
Dates: 2nd To 6th Nov. 2014
Comments: One of the most idyllic stays of my life, anywhere. Marvellous setting, fabulous hospitality, exceptional food and grounds to die for. Unforgettable experience and one we will want to repeat. Thank you for your hospitality. This has been a wonderful stay.