Crimson Rose Butterfly
Crimson Rose
Ceylon Red-backed Woodpecker
Ceylon Red-backed Woodpecker

Nature & Hiking at Halgolla Plantation Home

The lush vegetation and mild climate make the area ideal for wild boar, macaque monkeys, chevrotains (“mouse deer”), muntjacs (“barking deer”), pangolins (scaly anteater), porcupines, giant squirrels and flying squirrels. 

More than sixty species of birds await those guests interested in bird-watching, as well as over 60 species of butterflies and dragonflies.

For those whose interest lies in hiking, nature walks or exploring the rugged terrain, the opportunities are endless. Most guests enjoy the relaxation of a leisurely stroll around the garden, down to the adjacent stream or along the footpaths radiating from homebase. For those who prefer a more vigorous walk, hiking trails of moderate difficulty start from the house.

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Elephant powered road rollers
20th century elephant powered road rollers
Green Forest Lizard
Green Forest Lizard (Colotes colote)   
Halgolla stream
Halgolla stream in full spate
Plumbago pit
Plumbago pit
The soaking pool
The soaking pool
View from the top of Lookout Point trail
View from Meditation Flat bench

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Emil van der Poorten, Halgolla Plantation Home, Galagedera, Sri Lanka

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