Lion sculpture at Yapahuwa

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

Places of interest near to HPH

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Kandy & area

Natha, Embekke, Degaldoruwa, Maha Vishnu and Gadaladeniya Devales and temples are among the host places of (Buddhist) worship found in the Central Province in which HPH is situated. They display splendid wood and stone carvings in a variety of locations within each place of worship. (distance from HPH – Between 25 and 35 Kms from HPH)

The Kandy Tea Museum is a unique display housed in a real tea factory a few kilometers from Kandy town and is not to be missed by anyone interested in the beverage for which Sri Lanka is famous around the world – About 25 kms from HPH.

The Kandy Museum features artifacts primarily from the time of the last kings of Kandy prior to the British invasion – About 20 kms from HPH.

The War Cemetery, above the Temple of the Tooth, is an intriguing source of information for those interested in important figures from early British colonial times – About 20 kms from HPH.

The immaculately-maintained The Kandy Garrison Cemetery is of more recent origin, dating back to World Wars I & II - About 20 kms from HPH.


Udawattekele Nature Sanctuary is a gem of a tropical forest right in Kandy town!

Kandy Dalada Maligawa

Kandy, the Hill Capital of Sri Lanka and a World Heritage Site is home to the Dalada Maligawa, the Temple of the Tooth, which houses Buddhism’s most venerated relic, a tooth of Prince Siddhartha.

Pallekelle International Cricket Stadium, is the venue of international cricket matches in a country where that game is considered its "fifth religion!" - Approx. 27 kms from HPH.

Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is considered Asia’s equivalent to Kew in London. - Approx. 20 kms from HPH

The Pinnawela elephant facilities, include the unique Elephant Orphanage - Approx. 35 kms from HPH

North-Western Province

We look down the Weuda valley of the NWP from HPH and the beautiful vista before one gives little clue of the delights awaiting anyone venturing out of HPH for a morning or day’s outing!

Arankelle is a truly unique 6th century cave hermitage on a forested hillside, better known for the fact that it was primarily a hospital equipped with all that was necessary to treat the sick. A truly serene and peaceful place. - About 40 kms from HPH

Yapahuwa, a one-time capital of Sri Lanka is best known for its precipitous and glorious long flight of granite steps leading to its summit. Its beautifully-carved friezes – the “Lion of Yapahuwa” among them – distinguish it from other ancient Sri Lankan capitals. - About 70 kms from HPH.

Panduwasnuwara was home to King Panduvasdeva, successor to Sri Lanka’s first king, Vijaya. Subsequent construction dates back to King Parakramabahu, one of Sri Lanka’s iconic monarchs who ruled from here prior to establishing the wonderful Polonnaruva on the banks of Parakrama Samudra (“The Sea of Parakrama) - About 47 kms from HPH.

Kandy Dalada Maligawa
owes its name to the vein of silver that helped King Dutugemunu finance the completion of the Ruvanweliseya, the centerpiece of Sri Lanka’s first capital city, Anuradhapura. It exudes peace and serenity.

The Moneragala Samadhi Buddha Statue has the most intriguing of histories attached to it. When the Taliban, in an act of unbelievable savagery, destroyed the


sandstone Bamiyan Buddha Statues in Afghanistan, the response of the Ven. Egodamulla Amaramoli Thero of the Vidyasagara Pirivena was to take on the task of having carved out of the living granite, by South Indian stonemasons, over a period of several years a statue of the Buddha in the Samadhi posture, measuring 67.5 feet in height, the highest of its kind anywhere in the world. This magnificent statue must be seen to be believed! An afternoon’s excursion from HPH could take in this wondrous sight, the Ridi Viharaya and end up on the rocky outcrop called Nelligala Saama Chaitiya watching the sun set at the western edge of the North Western Province plain. That would be the perfect end to a lovely day followed by a glorious Sri Lankan dinner at HPH!

Unfortunately, space does not permit detailed descriptions of some of the other places of historical and archaeological interest in HPH’s neighbourghood. These include the Jakadulena and Kande Raja Maha Viharayas, the Karagahagedera and Panavitiya Ambalamas, Padeniya Temple and Dr. George (Michael) van der Poorten’s wonderful and unique Butterfly Garden. Every one of these is, at most, a day trip away.

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