The Cultural Triangle in Sri Lanka
The Anuradhapura - Polonnaruwa - Kandy triangle contains Sri Lankaís richest archaeological sites

Anuradhapura: The capital of Sri Lanka from the 4th C BC to the 10th C AD and now a World Heritage Site. It contains the impressive remains of palaces, reliquaries and temples in very good repair despite the passage of time.

Distance from HPH: approx. 140 km.

Polonnaruwa: The capital of Sri Lanka from the 10th C AD to the 13th C AD, during the countryís Golden Age of irrigation agriculture. Now a World Heritage Site, it contains well-preserved ruins of the ancient city as well as the restored irrigation system which promises to make the country the Granary of Asia once again.

Distance from HPH: approx. 140 km.

Sigiriya/Dambulla: Sigiriya is the site of the palace and gardens of King Kassapa I atop an enormous free-standing rock. The temple at Dambulla is the site of the largest and best preserved painted temple caves in Sri Lanka. Both are World Heritage Sites of great interest to the casual tourist as well as those with more specific interests in culture, art or archaeology.

Distance from HPH: approx. 70 km.

Kandy: The last capital city of Sri Lanka which didnít fall to the British until 1815 (and then only by a treaty of cessation!). It houses one of the most sacred relics of Gautama Buddha in the Dalada Maligawa (the Temple of the Tooth).

Distance from HPH: approx. 20 km.

With adequate advance notice, excursions can be arranged for an additional fee.
Temple of the Tooth at Kandy
Kandy - Temple of the Tooth

Sigiriya Rock

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